Industry Builds Something Great in Bandjam

This year’s inaugural BandJam played host to over 550 people and raised 50k for the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. It’s a big win for EllisDon and BandJam Co-chairs Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson and Krista Ference. We see events like this come and go while failing to propagate the creator’s passion and commitment to the project. Maybe, it comes down to the experience of the BandJam team, or that this novel event was a draw even without a great cause attached, or, dare we say it, that our industry is more engaged than it has ever been.

For Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, the event needed to accomplish two things:

  1. Raise money for a cause that they are deeply involved with.
  2. Bring our industry together in a unique way that is really the opposite of the gala affair.

It’s unquestionable that Bandjam succeeded in raising a substantial amount of cash to bolster the work the Lois Hole Hospital for Women is doing. As for the second goal, we think the photos speak for themselves.

Krista and I looked at each other as the Starlite Room continued to fill, as the vibe kept getting better, and as people were meeting new people. We smiled and high-fived. We were really proud of Edmonton. It takes a city to pull off something like BandJam.
– Jeffrey Hanson-Carlson & Krista Ference

The Starlite Room saw some lesser known acts, but after this year’s showing, we’re sure to hear more from, ECDC, the Ellis Dominators, Kaydee Kay + Jeremy Gray, Street Meat, Fred Woks the Dog, & the Red Hot Holopenos.

Planning for BandJam 2 is underway and the team confirmed that you can expect next year’s event to be even bigger. We’re having trouble picturing a better night out, so we’re obviously excited to see the endless imagination of the Jeffrey Hansen-Carlsen and Krista Ferrence team willed into existence once again.

Jamie Klassen
Jamie Klassen – EllisDon & the Women’s Society

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this amazing event. A massive thank you to EllisDon & Michael Kazda, the Women’s Society, Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, Krista Ference, Jamie Klassen, & everyone on the planning team for making this possible. Your hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed and our industry is far better because of you. Jamie Klassen gave us some insight on how it all came together and what it meant to our industry.

I had the unique perspective of BandJam as both an employee of EllisDon and also a member of the Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society. From the initial meeting to begin brainstorming the event through to the final hour of the event, it was incredible to see the support and enthusiasm from the construction industry, the Women’s Society, bands and our sponsors. People were quick to ask “How can I get involved?” To have this kind of engagement in BandJam’s first year is so encouraging. There is something exciting about a new kind of event in our city that brings an industry together for a great cause.
– Jamie Klassen

Until next year, we’ll leave you with a message from our very own band.

You scrubs checkin’ me but your game is kinda weak
And I know that you cannot approach me
Cause I’m looking like class and you looking like trash
Can’t get wit’ a deadbeat ass.

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women provides expert patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life. The hospital serves as the centre of excellence for women’s health in Canada’s northwest and strives to meet the growing demands for women’s health services in central and northern Alberta.
To get involved or to donate, visit 

The incredible photos were provided by Leroy Schulz. You can see more of his work or get in touch with him here: