SHIFT 2018: Critical Choices

Demystifying Strategy

A beautiful, sunny October morning greeted the 120 attendees from the Owners, Developer, Architect, Engineer, Contractor and Supplier community for our 4th Annual YP Merge SHIFT Conference at the iconic Hotel MacDonald.  The mood throughout the morning was one of excitement and enthusiasm, as participants heard from a multitude of experts on the topic of strategy, including the alignment of values, doing what you say, implementation, examples and culture.  It’s a big topic, but one that is at the core of successful companies.

But let’s back up a bit…

What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is not your typical YP conference.  SHIFT is a uniquely Edmonton initiative, organized with the goal of bringing continuing and junior leaders together to meet each other, learn from one another, and most importantly, to acquire the skills needed to work in teams across company lines.  Building from our first three SHIFTS – “Challenging Collaboration” (2015), “Transforming Teams” (2016) and “Merging Mindsets” (2017), “Critical Choices” (2018) sought to provide perspective and an opportunity to learn more about how leading individuals and organizations navigate choice-making and strategy.

Our List of Speakers & Panelists

Dave Muddle of Wild & Co. opens SHIFT 2018

We were fortunate to have an awesome list of speakers this year.  Our facilitator was Dave Muddle, Managing Partner at Wild & Co.  Dave brought his over 20 years of experience in senior advisory roles focused on strategy, operational implementation, and business transformation and help us navigate the morning.  His insights were quick, engaging and funny – Dave, we love your humor!

Our key presenters were Mary Cameron and Brent Hesje.  Mary Cameron should need no introduction in this town.  She is a well-known leader in our community who has been a member/chair of many boards, including Habitat for Humanity International, Edmonton International Airport Authority, Fortis Alberta and many others.  Brent is Chief Executive Officer of Fountain Tire and is active in the community and industry.  He has served as the Chair of Board of Governors of NAIT, YPO Alberta Saskatchewan Chapter, Western Canada Tire Dealers, and The Support Network.  Both presented their visions of strategy at work, as well as anecdotal stories of success and challenges.  We were so lucky to have them.

Brent Hesje & Mary Cameron discuss how purpose, incentivization, and culture affect strategic planning.

And finally, to our panelists: Georg Josi from Dialog, Mike Saunders from Qualico, Sheldon Hudson from Al-Terra Engineering & Tim Coldwell from Chandos – thank you.  These gentlemen were amazing as they took questions from the crowd for 45 minutes, principally related to the “boots on the ground” implementation of strategy.  The conversation was open and candid, with many topics discussed, from innovation to planning, to soft skills.  It was an excellent way to conclude our morning.

Panelists Mike Saunders (left) & Tim Coldwell (right) field questions from attendees.

Thank you to all those who attended, to our volunteers and guests, and of course our sponsors.  The YP Merge/SHIFT thing is beginning to really get some legs.  Stay tuned for more!

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