Infrastructure Owners Forum – Oct 2018

2018 Priorities

Following our April 2018 meeting, the Owners Forum Leadership Team identified 2 priorities to action in 2018-2019.  The criteria for the choice of priorities was: they be relevant, achievable within a 12-month period, and that they offer a tangible improvement on the current state while supporting Owner groups. The two priorities are:

  1. Establishment of Common Performance Supplier Evaluation Principles for Owners Chairs: Brian Latte, Chris Wright
  2. Creation of a common Delivery Method Assessment Tool/Matrix for Owners Chairs: Neil McFarlane, Andrew Sharman, Lara Check

Over the summer of 2018, owner leadership worked in sub-committees to move both priorities forward.  This included gathering material from all owner groups, having in-depth conversations about achievable action items, and creating alignment in desired outcomes.  Throughout the process, the meetings were very productive and included a strengthening of relationships between owners and the industry.

Next Steps – October 11, 2018

Over 30 owner leaders attended our 4th Owners Forum meeting on October 11th.  The conversation was fruitful.  On Priority #1 – “The Establishment of Common Supplier Performance Principles”, the group was fortunate to have a presentation and discussion lead by Brian Latte at the City of Edmonton and Chris Wright at EPSB.   Group Discussion about the Principles and Evaluation Criteria led to a deeper dive on where this priority should go.  Work on the priority will continue until April 2019.

Andrew SharmanOn Priority #2 – “The Creation of a common Delivery Method Assessment Matrix for Owners”, the group was fortunate to have a presentation from Andrew Sharman and Lara Check.  The presentation started by reviewing the common principles that the group considered while meeting over the summer.  These principles were then applied to a matrix which is still in draft form.  The goal of the matrix is to assist owners who are looking into new or different delivery methods.  Categories of the matrix include challenges & opportunities from a variety of perspectives, political implications, local contacts for information on a particular delivery model when to use the model, risk allocation and project examples.  Work on the priority will continue until April 2019.

The Owners Forum is an excellent collaborative opportunity which is improving the way our industry interacts and delivers projects.  We look forward to the model continuing to produce results in the coming year.


See photos from the October event